Interior design concept development

A complete design concept is building three-dimensional models of your future space (3D visualization), a full set of working drawings, final selection of all interior components and making specifications list (finish materials, plumbing fixtures, equipment, lighting etc.) The complete concept will give you a detailed insight into your future interior, help calculate the budget and schedule monthly expenses when the project is in progress.

Project management

Project management is coordination of work with regard to all contractors and suppliers involved in the interior design concept implementation, and also tendering assistance within the scope of determined budget, arrangement of orders for all interior components and overall control of their fulfillment.

Project management from concept development through construction to its final stage allows you to solve all issues according to a ‘one-stop-shop’ principle, without wasting your valuable time. Besides, you may be sure that all your requests will be fulfilled; implementation will have been over by the scheduled date and will comply with the previously agreed budget. Only integrated coordination of all activities will make it possible to turn your vision of an ideal home into reality with due quality and efficiency.

Selection of unique interior items

In design, every little detail is important, and it is due to unique interior items that your home looks special; they highlight genuine taste and elegance. Just one accessory can completely change any space and add a new twist to it.

We work with famous European galleries and factories and will help you find, among a vast diversity of interior items, the things which suit your exact needs and comply with your taste and idea of beauty.