Interior Design Studio

The vision of Arch.Predmet Interior Design Studio is underpinned by efficient design principles with regard to private and public spaces. Each of our proposed solutions is economically feasible with functionality and eco-friendliness trailing only to aesthetics and comfort throughout the entire design process.

The monumental and noble splendor of classicism radiating composed dignity in combination with distinctive and immaculate English style in its modern designers’ interpretation is the basics making up our identity.

Due to our expertise, background and sophisticated taste, we are able to develop designs of any complexity, and cooperation with the partners in Europe ensures a reasonable approach for design process taking brand new materials into account. The final stage when the customer-tailored concept is turned into reality with the help of unique interior design will highlight your significance and success.

Enjoy your stylish and ergonomic interior design for the spirit of the indoor environment is means and instrument serving to your daily needs.


“Life is a dynamic process of continuous improvement neither taking any final shape, nor restricted in terms of boundaries. Well-balanced interior design is an opportunity to embody any unique milestone of your individual progress.”

Олеся Ситникова, руководитель и основатель студии

Olesia Sitnikova

Director and founder