An elegant interior of an early 20th century town mansion brings forth new designer ideas for your home.
Mansion history

Amongst the streets paved with history, on a quiet side street near the Arbat, there has been a mansion for more than a century. Many people who like Mikhail A. Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita claim that the house located on Maly Vlasievsky Side Street is that very mansion where Margarita lived. The story of the mansion goes back to 1903, when Ivan M. Korovin, a famous house owner, requested Ivan G. Kondratenko, a then-popular architect, to develop the project of a mansion with maintenance outbuildings. The mansion was built under the architect’s supervision that very year. In the architectural solution and décor of the mansion, he employed the techniques and elements of various Art Nouveau (Modern) streams. Up till present, the building has preserved its historic composition structure, decorative elements of facades and original plastering that is still a delight to the eye of sophisticated connoisseurs of beautiful things.


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